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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about Money Heist?

With shocking character deaths and countless other twists and turns, Money Heist has stirred up a few discussions and unpopular opinions on Reddit. The Netflix hit Money Heist ( La Casa de Papel) has taken the world by storm, extending far beyond Spain and gaining fans from all around the globe.

Should Money Heist be called Money Heist instead of La Casa de Papel?

An unpopular opinion sprung up on a subreddit after user dtarias highlighted how “there's no good reason” to call the show Money Heist instead of La Casa de Papel. Most agreed with the Redditor, with other commenters saying that the original title is much better than the English version.

Why is Lisbon so popular on Money Heist?

As one of the bravest characters on Money Heist, Lisbon is well-respected by the gang and can hold her own, even under pressure. Her police training lets her anticipate their enemies’ movements and helps her stay calm under pressure.

Is Berlin overrated in Money Heist?

However, one deleted Redditor points out that he’s "highly overrated" in terms of likability and other characters, like Nairobi, the Professor, Lisbon, and Tokyo, "are far more likable than him." It also has been pointed out that flashbacks involving Berlin ruined Money Heist after its second season.

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