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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think science oppose religion?

So, short answer, no, science doesn’t inherently oppose religion inherently, but science often comes to conclusions incompatible with certain specific stances taken by specific religions or religious organizations. So some forms of religion are more compatible with science than others.

What is the conflict between science and religion?

The conflict between science and religion The conflicts and difference of opinion occur when there is a clash between religious convictions and logical conclusions based on our scientific observations in the physical world. Over a period, these were the result of varied religious beliefs and traditions of the followers of different

Does Science and religion contradict each other?

Do science and religion contradict each other? Religion and science are fundamentally incompatible. They disagree profoundly on how we obtain knowledge of the world. Science is based observation and reasoning from observation. Religion assumes that human beings can access a deeper level of information that is not available by either observation or reason.

Is science taking over religion?

This is a huge strength that science has over religion. Religion doesn't really work this way. That said, science also pulls the same religious war stuff but in a much different context so few ever catch it.

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