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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove replication?

To completely remove a replication, follow these steps: Drop all subscriptions that are configured for the replication. Drop all publications that are configured for the replication. Drop the distributor that is configured for the replication.

What is the difference between translation and replication?

Difference Between Replication and Transcription. The process of transcription has the same objective of making an identical copy of the DNA. The difference lies in the fact that whereas in replication, the double strand structure is formed; transcription involves formation of one strand than the the other.

What does replicate means?

The definition of a replicate is a repeat of something. An example of a replicate is an experiment in cell generation which is repeated.

What are the different types of replication?

Types of Replication. During the discovery of DNA replication they also discovered that there are three modes of replication that a DNA strand can take. The three types of DNA replication are semiconservative, conservative, and dispersive.

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