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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the National Convention held in 1856?

The national convention was held on June 12 to 20, 1856 in New York. As John C. Frémont was the favorite to attain the Republican nomination there was a considerable desire for the North American party to nominate him, but it was feared that in doing so they may possibly injure his chances to actually become the Republican nominee.

When was the platform announced at the Republican National Convention?

APP Note: The Official Proceedings of the 1856 Republican National Convention indicates that the platform was announced and read on the second day of the convention (June 18, 1856).

Where did the anti-slavery party form in the north?

The anti-slavery "Americans" from the North formed their own party after the nomination of Fillmore in Philadelphia. This party called for its national convention to be held in New York, New York, just before the Republican National Convention.

Who was John Frémont running for president in 1860?

With William Seward, Salmon P. Chase, and Charles Sumner all taking their names out of consideration, Frémont entered the Republican convention as the front-runner for the presidential nomination.

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