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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of restorative?

1 beneficial to the health of body or mind. took a restorative vitamin mix to improve his immune system. Synonyms for restorative. good, healthful, healthy, medicinal, salubrious, salutary,

What is restorative tonic?

1. Of or relating to restoration. 2. Tending or having the power to restore: a restorative tonic.

How effective is restorative formulations?

“This entire Restorative Formulations product line is effective in almost every area of my medical practice. I use the cardiac products for almost all my patients to support their cardiovascular health.” –Gerrie Lindeque, MD Anesthesiologist and Cardiologist South Africa Organic Ingredients

How do I apply to the restorative nursing program?

If you are interested in the Restorative Nursing Program, please complete the “ Letter of understanding ” and submit to QCHF at [email protected] The roles of the RNPC are to provide guidance to the RNA and oversight of the RNP.

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