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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose results physiotherapy?

Get Better, Faster! Physical Therapy For Your Aches and Pains! At Results Physiotherapy we believe that people should not have to live with pain. We are committed to clinical excellence through professional development and industry-leading continuing education, supported by a culture of friendship.

How do I give feedback to results physiotherapy?

Your feedback lets us know that we are meeting our goals and how we can be even better. If you need to reach out to us for support or a confidential exchange, you can email [email protected] Thank you, we wish you the best. Is Results Physiotherapy a good company to work for?

Why choose results physical therapy & training center?

RESULTS Physical Therapy & Training Center is the leading sports medicine & performance training facility in Northern California. Kyle Yamashiro, PT, DPT, CSCS, President of RESULTS, gained his sports medicine knowledge while working with the world-renowned Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL.

What is results performance training?

RESULTS is one of the top rehabilitation centers in the country. We combine the science of sports medicine with the principles of strength and conditioning . RESULTS performance training utilizes the latest in sport-specific movement patterns, and training techniques to maximize the athlete's full potential

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