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Frequently Asked Questions

What are American Airlines retiree benefits?

American Airlines provides retirees with a comprehensive benefits package designed to help you meet the health and insurance needs of you and your eligible dependents. To help you make the most of your retiree benefits, this Guide describes the major provisions of the benefits and explains how you can use them effectively.

What is the difference between American retiree plans and via benefits?

Once you retire, American has agreed to allow Via Benefits (previously known as OneExchange) to offer you and your dependents options for health care coverage on the individual market. Via Benefits offers additional options that may have better coverage and/or lower costs than the American retiree plans.

How do I review the latest eligibility information for retiree benefits?

To review the latest eligibility information for retiree benefits, visit the Retiree Benefits page on Jetnet. After you retire, you will receive a packet with enrollment information and plan details. You can also find information on Retiree Jetnet which you can access after you retire.

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