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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word reunite?

reunite (riːjuˈnait) verb to bring or come together after being separated. The family was finally reunited after the war; The children were reunited with their parents.

What is reunite assist?

ReUnite Assist is a financial assistance program for patients undergoing fertility treatments. Our ReUnite Assist program allows qualifying patients to apply for need-based assistance.

What is reunite RX?

ReUnite Rx partners with drug manufacturers and fertility specialty pharmacies to help improve access of fertility care to patients throughout the United States. ReUnite Oncofertility offers discounted medications to oncology patients undergoing fertility preservation.

What is reunite messenger?

ReUnite Messenger is another way ReUnite Rx helps patients across the United States have quicker access to fertility care. All content is also available here: Fertility Education Information

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