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Frequently Asked Questions

How is RFID used in shipping containers?

By tagging cases, cartons, containers, or individual items, a worker can read the tags as the goods are placed into a container and confirm exactly what's in each one. RFID links the asset, be it a trailer or ocean container, to not only the freight inside, but also to the electronic seals that lock the doors .

What information is stored on a RFID tag?

What information is stored on an RFID tag? RFID tags have a memory chip installed allowing storage of an item's; location, serial number, manufacturer, photo, use history, a maintenance schedule and much more. The speed of this data capture using an RFID system is less than 5% of the time taken in a manual process.

What are RFID tags?

RFID Tag. RFID tags are the centerpiece of any RFID system. RFID tags can be offered in different sizes, frequencies and can be affixed to a variety of surfaces, including metal. They store the item data essential to any RFID tagging system. Barcodes, Inc. offers UHF (Ultra High Frequency), HF (High Frequency),...

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