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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I buy for a RFID tracking system?

GigaTrak should be your first choice for high quality RFID tool tracking systems. We use the latest software and tracking technologies to deliver solutions that meet the most demanding requirements. RFID (radio frequency identifier) tags are small tags that can be read by wireless, non-contact readers.

What is RFID asset tracking?

RFID asset tracking is a popular method used by companies to track and manage asset across locations. Apart from being used in a wide variety of applications, one of the most common use of RFID is in asset tracking . RFID Asset tracking is a must for collecting Asset Information quickly and easily. How does an RFID Asset Tracking System Work?

How does RFID asset tracking work?

Data is stored on an RFID tag, with a unique Electronic Product Code (EPC), and is attached to an asset An antenna identifies the signal of a nearby RFID tag An RFID reader is connected wirelessly to the antenna and receives the data that is stored on the RFID tag More items...

How does RFID track movement?

RFID tags work by bouncing back certain frequencies . If you wanted to devise a method to track movement using multiple RFID tags, the simplest way would be to track backscatter using multiple antennae to triangulate location. But that's not practical in real-world applications.

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