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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the applications of RFID in the pharmaceutical industry?

RFID technology can be used to deter counterfeiting attempts. It can also be used in various other domains in the pharmaceutical industry. The main aim of this paper is to outline all the applications of RFID in the pharmaceutical industry.

How does Purdue Pharmaceuticals use RFID to combat counterfeiting?

Purdue Pharmaceuticals were among the first pharmaceutical companies to adopt RFID as a technology to combat counterfeiting. Through RFID the company wanted to serialize and track and trace its products. Purdue first started using RFID in 2004 largely in response to Wal-Mart’s call for its suppliers to use RFID tags.

How can RFID tags be used as a tool against counterfeiting?

Due to their form factor adaptability the RFID tags are well suited for pharmaceutical applications especially to authenticate and track products along the supply chain and thus be a tool against counterfeiting. Technically, R adio F requency ID enticifcation consists of the RFID tags, the RFID reader, and a computer system.

How much does RFID technology cost?

The numbers of RFIDs being used today are not substantial enough for the technology to be made cheap. With lesser use from major pharmaceutical companies and high cost of RFID there is hesitation in implementing it. The cost of Active Tags generally costs 25$ and above. Low and High Frequency tags cost a little higher.

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