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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of energy company is rhythm?

Rhythm is a new electricity company in Texas, so objective information about the company and reviews from customers are limited. The energy provider specializes in “local” renewable energy, and you’ll find information about Rhythm electricity plans and rates in the article below. Looking for a Rhythm energy promo code?

Is rhythm a good energy plan?

Rhythm offers a great product. Rhythm only offers 100% renewable green energy plans. Use the information below to compare Rhythm electricity rates to other plans you may be considering. Rates shown below are for Oncor (Dallas/Fort Worth area).

What is the energy source behind Rhythm?

Rhythm’s plans are backed by 100% renewable energy. We do so because we want the same things as you: healthy air for our families, thriving lakes and rivers for swimming and fishing, and a flourishing planet. To learn more about renewable energy, visit our blog, Is Renewable Energy Reliable?

Why chooserhythm energy?

Rhythm wants to make your energy choice easy by offering great rates, 100% renewable energy and a satisfaction guarantee. Rhythm Energy is a newcomer to the Texas electricity scene, and they’re challenging the energy status quo that many Texans have grown tired of.

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