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Frequently Asked Questions

Is air suspension suspension a Band-Aid?

The opposite of this is the customer who installs an air suspension as a band-aid to cure a tire clearance problem. They have to over inflate the suspension to avoid rubbing the tires. With either scenario you must cure the real problem before you can hope to achieve a decent ride quality.

What are the benefits of ridetech shocks?

Also, because the RideTech shocks have a longer threaded portion of the body, they are capable of using a longer coilspring than some other brands of shocks. A longer spring allows us to use a softer spring without fear of bottoming out.

What is included in air ride technologies?

DOT approved airline, DOT approved fittings, bubbletight, leakfree solenoids, weatherpak wiring connectors, completely assembled control panels, installation fasteners and terminals included. Don’t take our word for it, ask around. NO ONE ELSE uses the quality of components or includes all the details like Air Ride Technologies… period! 14.)

How does an air suspension and adjustable shocks suspension work?

With an air suspension and adjustable shocks suspension, tuning is accomplished by pushing buttons to change air pressure and twisting a dial on the shocks to change shock valving. Results are achieved in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days.

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