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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rimworld a strategy game?

Rimworld is an expansive strategy game that resembles, in many of its aspects, Dwarf Fortress. During the game, you will have to ensure the survival of the colonists that have inhabited a distant planet.

Will multiplayer support mods?

As long as everyones clients are synced and the mods themselves are not known to cause issues with multiplayer you should not have any issue. But you have to do your research when working with a modded client and ensure all your friends also have everything up to date.

Is Rimworld Coop?

In State of Decay, they said that the game would never have a cooperative mode, that developers would only focus on singleplayer because the game was made for 1 player. A few months later, they announced that they are working in a cooperative mode for State of Decay 2, that is, it is possible to have a coop mode in Rimworld.

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