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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rodin coils made of?

Rodin Coils. The Rodin Coil consists of a pair of wires wrapped around a doughnut-shaped core in a star pattern. Rodin claims this particular design, deduced from his number theory, yields different electromagnetic properties than any other coil - enabling it to create perpetual energy, and thus breaking fundamental laws of physics.

Is the Rodin coil the most important discovery of all time?

The donut or toroid about which Randy Powel speaks has been named the Rodin Coil after its discoverer Marko Rodin. If the Rodin coil is what Rodin and Powell claim it to be, then it is likely the most important discovery of all time.

What do the colors of the Rodin coil winding represent?

The 4 Colors shown in the image (left) represents only one winding, illustrating that the conductor wraps around the circumference of the toroid 4 times prior to reach - ing the point of origin. Wraps in sequence order are: rlue, ed, b Green, Yellow, red. Rodin Coil Winding

Is the Rodin number system complete?

Nei- ther is there doubt that many people have reported anomalous behavior in the coil designed by Rodin, based on his number sys- tem. This paper makes no claim to completeness, but introduces the Rodin number system and coil to interested readers. 2. Modulo Arithmetic

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