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Frequently Asked Questions

Is roofstock a good platform to invest in real estate?

With its low fees, excellent customer service, and thorough inspections, Roofstock makes a great case for one of the best RE investing platforms around. In a nutshell: Roofstock is a low-cost investing platform that makes it easy for anyone to start investing in real estate.

How is roofstock different from Fundrise?

Roofstock’s properties are also turnkey, meaning they can be rented out immediately. Platforms like Fundrise invest in commercial real estate, REITs, and other large-scale projects such as apartment complexes. Conversely, Roofstock lets you buy your own properties outright.

What is the roofstock guarantee and how does it work?

Also, the Roofstock Guarantee should give you more confidence in your purchases. The guarantee has two parts: 30-day Money-Back guarantee: All Roofstock properties come with a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase, you can contact Roofstock within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Why invest with roroofstock?

Roofstock makes investing in single-family properties radically simple. Sell your property with ease - no showings or disruptions to your tenant. From marketing through close, our industry experts run portfolio processes.

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