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Frequently Asked Questions

What is canvas at Sacramento State?

The hub for teaching and learning at Sacramento State! Canvas is our official Learning Management System (LMS) used to deliver an engaging teaching and learning experience in the classroom, on a desktop or tablet, and on mobile devices.

What is canvas for students?

Information Resources & Technology Canvas Canvas For Students As Sacramento State's official Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas supports learning wherever you are! It's cloud-based, mobile-optimized, and allows you to access your coursework, submit assignments, and interact with your classmates and instructors whether on- or off-campus.

What is a campus saclink account?

Need a consultation? Something broken? Your campus SacLink account allows you access to a variety of campus resources, such as campus email, My Sac State, Office 365, computer labs, and library databases. Generally, the following individuals are eligible for a new account:

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