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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the value of savings bond?

To calculate the value of savings bonds, bond owners enter the denomination, series and issue dates of the bonds into the calculator, according to TreasuryDirect. By changing the date of calculation, owners can find out what bonds were worth in the past and what they are worth in the future.

How do I look up my savings bond?

Look up your paper EE, E and I bonds at "Treasury Direct: Calculate the Value of Your Savings Bonds.". Use the link to the website in Resources. Enter the information for your first bond in the appropriate box for series, denomination and issue date. Click on "Calculate" to display your bond information.

How do you check the value of savings bond?

How to Find the Value of US Saving Bonds Check the terms and conditions of the savings bond to find the annual interest rate. For paper bonds, this information comes with the bond. Calculate the monthly interest rate. U.S. ... Find the purchase price of the bond. ... Multiply the monthly interest rate by the purchase price (starting value) of the bond. ... Simplify Step 4 by using a financial calculator. ... More items...

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