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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join savings Highway global?

We just love Savings Highway Global." ~ Fern Finley SAVE SHARE PROSPER! 1. SAVE: When you join, login to your Members Area and access your Savings. Many members save $1,000 or more their first month on LoweringYourBills, Car Insurance, Groceries, Dining, Shopping, and more.

Where is savsavings highway located? LLC. 1755 North Brown Road. Lawrenceville, GA. 30043 Join thousands of Happy Members like You! :) Disclaimer: We do not guarantee health, savings or earnings. We sell memberships which provide access to members-only pricing and deep discounts compared to retail and public prices.

Can I stop paying retail with a savingshighway membership?

Now you can stop paying retail with your own SavingsHighway Global Membership! Join thousands of happy members in savings on things you already buy and pay for every day... It's easy as 1... 2... 3...

How does the world's best savings program work?

We've already combined the World's Best Savings Programs into one Membership that Saves You Big Money! Just like Netflix provides a membership where you can watch movies, we provide a membership that helps you save way more than the tiny fee. You win! It's simple. Members Save Thousands while non-members keep paying full price.

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