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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scoreboard graphics software?

Professional scoreboard graphics software for live streams and TV broadcasts. Made to support you and your sport! Score a game and control scoreboards on TV, in your LiveStream, on your website or anywhere else. All simultaneously! Provide amazing scoreboards simultaneously for your TV stream, Web Widgets and more!

How do I display the scoreboard in livestreaming?

The Windows software displays your scoreboard, ready to be embedded in your LiveStreaming software or wherever you want to. Every sport has its own unique settings for controls, overtimes and other game relevant properties.

What is scorebook live and how does it work?

Scorebook Live lets you follow your favorite teams and players live, and puts stats, play-by-play, and game recaps right at your fingertips. Scorebook Live is a great way to engage your fans and promote your program. Coaches or admins claim your team and get started today!

What is the live score app for YouTube?

The live.score app has turned our single-camera YouTube operation into a highly professional looking production. We have received many positive comments on the way it looks. We have someone use an iPad to control all aspects of the scoreboard, which allows me to pay attention entirely to the other production details.

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