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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose scotscotchman industries?

Scotchman Industries, through a sister company Scotchman Credit Corp, offers a lease/purchase program for all its metal fabricating equipment. As the world and its markets change and expand, Scotchman Industries continues to grow and adapt. Scotchman Industries, indeed, provides your Metal Fabricating Solutions.

What is Scotchman?

The PREFERRED Solution by Metal Fabricators. Scotchman is a leading manufacturer of metal fabrication equipment, accessories, and custom tools.

Why buy a Scotchman hydraulic ironworker?

For over 50 years, Scotchman Industries has sold hundreds of hydraulic ironworkers to customers who were not looking for an ironworker, but bought the machine because Scotchman was able to build a custom tool for their special application (that mounts in an ironworker).

What kind of cold saw does Scotchman make?

Along with the complete line of hydraulic ironworkers, Scotchman Industries offers a full line of manual to fully-automatic Circular Cold Saws, in pivot and upcut designs for ferrous and nonferrous applications. Scotchman is also the North American importer of ALMI Tube and Pipe Grinder/Notchers .

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