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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best seats on a United Airlines Flight?

Rows 1 & 6 in BizFirst are the best seats as they are "bulkhead" and have extra legroom with the cut-out for your feet. The front cabin is a little larger, but quieter as you are further from the engines (louder the further back you go). United sets up a makeshift bar during the flight in front of 1D & E - which can be nice.

What is the seat pitch on a United 757?

Also seat pitch on thius aircraft is only 4 inches whilst on United 757s it is 6 inches as it is on most BA and other premium economy seats. I found this seat extremely uncomfortable and the aircraft extremely unpleasant for a 14 hour flight.

How comfortable are United 787 bulkhead seats?

The footwells on the the 787 bulkhead seats are twice as wide as all others in business, rows 1 and 6 are much more comfortable if you want more room to spread your feet apart. This is true of all 787 that United has including routes to Osaka, and Shanghai.

How many seats does a United Polaris have?

The aircraft is primarily used on United's international flights to and from the USA. The version is configured with 60 United Polaris open-suites, 24 recliner-style United Premium Plus seats, and 266 standard Economy Class seats which include 62 Economy Plus seats that feature additional legroom.

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