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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Monet’s Museum of art unique?

In addition to a spacious central area where Monet’s works stretch floor-to-ceiling, the experience includes separate galleries that chronicle his life, technique, and influence through informative panels, larger than life re-creations and engaging interactives.

What is Monet at Etretat?

Monet by Theodore Robinson, 1890, charcoal on paper. For “Monet at Etretat”, the Seattle Art Museum curators offer a zoomed in view on a formative period in Monet’s life before he encountered renown, the fulcrum on which the rest of his career balanced.

Is the Monet exhibition accessible to wheelchairs?

The Monet exhibition is accessible to wheelchairs. Please contact us and we will advise on how we can best assist you. Where can I get tickets? What are the official sellers for this experience?

How do I get tickets to visit the Monet Museum?

To allow for reduced contact and physical distancing, everyone will need to get tickets online in advance of their visit. A smartphone tour is available on your own device for free. Select a thematic tour or enter the number next to selected artworks to access multimedia content exploring the works in Monet in Étretat.

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