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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seattle University a good school?

This is a good school! Difficult as it should be, but manageable. Seattle U is a great size especially given the location. People and places on campus will be familiar and if you need an escape the city provides endless opportunity. That being said students tend to spend lots of time on campus or in local coffee shops.

What is the ZIP code for Seattle University?

ZIP code of University of Washington (WA) is 98195. Below you can find map of University of Washington, or look up other ZIP codes in Washington or other US states.

What is the history of Seattle University?

Founded in 1891, Seattle University is a private, coeducational, Jesuit Catholic university located on a 50-acre campus in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood of Seattle, in Washington State. The school initially served as a high school and a college and in 1931 it became coeducational, admitting women for the first time.

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