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Frequently Asked Questions

Why selectselect medical rehabilitation?

Select Medical rehabilitation hospitals utilizing technology-based therapy to help stroke, spinal cord and brain injury patients regain function and quality of life. No referral, no problem.

What is selectselect specialty hospital-Wilmington?

Select Specialty Hospital – Wilmington is a 35-bed critical illness recovery hospital located on the fifth floor of St. Francis Hospital - Wilmington. We specialize in helping critically ill patients begin to breathe, speak, eat, walk and think as independently as possible.

Why choose SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital?

Studies* show that an early start to rehabilitation – and treatment at a specialized rehabilitation hospital like SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital – lead to greater improvement, independence and quality of life. Contact us to discuss admission to SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital.

Why choose select therapy?

Employing thousands of rehabilitation professionals and providing services across the nation, Select provides comprehensive therapy services with qualified licensed professionals in a variety of clinical settings including SNFs, CCRCs, ALFs, ILFs, home health, and schools.

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