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Frequently Asked Questions

What is select rehab in San Antonio?

At Select Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio, we provide specialized rehabilitation programs and services for individuals with medical, physical and functional challenges resulting from stroke, brain injury, lower limb amputation, neurological conditions, joint replacement and other orthopedic trauma.

Does Medi Cal cover rehab?

Depending on your coverage, Medi-Cal may be able to cover addiction treatment or rehab. This will of course depend on your treatment plan, length of stay, level of coverage, and various other variables that will be determined based on your personalized needs.

What is a specialty select hospital?

Select Specialty Hospital focuses on extended hospital care for the medically complex, catastrophically injured, or critically ill patient. These specialized acute care hospitals fill the gap in services between short term acute care hospitals and skilled nursing homes or subacute facilities.

What is an inpatient rehabilitation facility?

Inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs) provide intensive rehabilitation services to patients after an injury, illness, or surgery. Rehabilitation programs at IRFs are supervised by rehabilitation physicians and include services such as physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation nursing, and speech–

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