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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows services MSc in Windows 10?

Windows Services.msc, the inherent services pane where you can conveniently manage different types of services, such as turning off Windows update service and disabling Windows search service. It can be easily run normally, but you might encounter the trouble that cannot open Services.msc in Windows 10 sometimes.

What is service manager (MSc)?

Created by Anand Khanse. Services.msc is the Service Manager extension for a Microsoft Management Console file format used by Windows OS and is a services console that allows users to enable and disable Windows Services.

How to fix service MSC not opening in Windows 10?

If you are stuck with the trouble currently, you can use the 4 ways here to effectively fix Service.msc not opening in Windows 10. 1. Restart Your Windows 10 PC. 2. Run System File Checker. 3. Re-associate MSC with MMC. 4. Manage Services via the Alternative Tool.

How to open MSc file in Windows?

MSC is a kind of file extension and the MSC file is usually run via Microsoft Management Console (MMC). In other words, if the Services.msc isn't associated with MMC correctly, you cannot open Services.msc. Step 1: Search Default apps in the task bar and click to open it.

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