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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a sew in bad for your hair?

Anyone can wear extensions and still have healthy hair. Sew in Weaves are not bad, the main thing you have to remember when wearing a weave is to Take care of your own hair. Sew in weaves won’t give you freedom from your own hair, but if anything it kind of gives you more reasons to pay attention to your hair.

Do sew in hair extensions damage your hair?

Application Technique. How the extensions are applied greatly predicts whether they will damage the hair. Sew-in extensions using the cornrow method is very safe, but using glue to apply tracks to the natural hair can cause damage.

What is the best hair type for sew in weave?

Types of Hair for Weaves Synthetic Hair. Synthetic hair is the cheapest kind of hair that you can use for weaves. ... Human Hair. This is a step up from synthetic hair (two well-known brands are Premium 2 and Premium Now). ... Virgin Hair. If you want to dye your hair or use lots of heat, virgin hair is the way to go. ...

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