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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sherlock Holmes book should I read first?

So, Sherlock Holmes is a wonderful novel. But it should be read in sequence. 1. A Study In Scarlet The characters are recognized in this novel. And among all of the novels this one is tge most intresting. Sherlock also explains his methods of deduction. 2. The Sign Of Four This is the 2nd novel. And in this, our Watson finds his beloved. 3.

What is the first Sherlock Holmes book called?

A Study in Scarlet is the first Sherlock Holmes book written by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The story was first published in Beeton's Christmas Annual in 1887, though it was at the time not very popular, and later reissued in novel format.

How many books are in the Sherlock Holmes series?

There are 62 stories, including four novels and 58 shorter stories. Fifty-six short stories were serialized in US and UK magazines.

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