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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cases are in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One has 30 Cases (plus 5 DLC Cases). This 100% Walkthrough also points out all missable trophies and achievements. Collectibles are covered under the free roam section at the bottom. Everything for 100% Completion is included. By following this you will earn all trophies and achievements in the game.

What happens in Chapter 1 of Sherlock Holmes?

In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you arrive in Cordona with the overarching storyline A Mother's Love. Sherlock wants to get closure on his mother's death. But, shortly after you arrive at the hotel, your friend Jon points out a cane that's been left on a table near the bar, launching you into your first chronological case, Ghosts of the Past.

How do you remember little Sherlock?

We enter the concentration mode, open the first memory. The second cloud of memories is above the little Sherlock. The next is the governor's speech (three clouds). Another memory is of Sherlock being taken away by Mycroft. Around the corner of the town hall Myrfot says to little Sherlock "Silence is golden" REMEMBER - "Silence is golden." Note .

Who is Theodore Gilden in Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1?

After continuing Sherlock Holmes Chapter One 's main storyline for some time, you'll be prompted to visit Theodore Gilden, the Holmes family's old neighbor, to see if he knows anything about Violet's illness or death. Go down the street to Gilden's house to find a crowd of shocked citizens standing outside his broken gates.

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