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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of sing song?

noun. 1 British informal An informal gathering for singing. More example sentences. ‘he used to play the piano and have a sing-song with his pals’. ‘It was rooted in the parlour musicales, the outdoor sing-songs, the marching bands, the hymns stoutly sung in church, and other impressions of his boyhood.’.

What does singsong mean?

singsong Like a piece of singsong; simple and melodic, varying in pitch ''(of tone of voice etc.)'' n. 1 A piece of verse with a simple, song-like rhythm. 2 An informal gathering at which songs are sung; a singing session. 3 Bad singing or poetry. 4 A drawling or monotonous tone, as of a badly executed song. v

What is the sing song?

We caught up with Jennings recently to discuss “Sing 2,” the first film’s “I’m Still Standing” phenomenon and the new flick’s message with an important caveat. Garth, congrats on the film. Looking back at “Sing,” why do you think it ...

What is a sing song voice?

sing•song. n. 1. a monotonous, rhythmical rising and falling in pitch of the voice when speaking. 2. verse, or a piece of verse, that is monotonously jingly in rhythm and pattern of pitch. 3. Brit. a session of informal group singing; sing. 4. monotonous in rhythm and in pitch.

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