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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of a street sign?

Street name sign sizes vary in width, ranging from 18 to 48 inches. Generally the width of a sign correlates to the amount of characters that need to be displayed.

What is the size of a welcome sign?

This one can be customized in a few various ways, from the color and stain of the wood, to the name and date. All of the text is hand painted using molds for a perfectly detailed finish. Each piece measures 24×16, which is a great size for a welcome sign that will easily be noticed by guests as they arrive.

What is the standard size of a yard sign?

The average campaign yard sign is about two feet wide and a foot and a half tall. The type of sign that you purchase is a contributing to the standard size of a sign.

What is the standard size of a road sign?

The STOP sign shall be an octagon with white message and border on a red background. The standard size shall be 30 x 30 inches. Where greater emphasis or visibility is required, a larger size is recommended. On low- volume local streets and secondary roads with low approach speeds, a 24. x 24 inch size may be used.

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