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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You kite foil a slingshot?

Slingshot FUEL SPECIAL SALE! Wing/Surf Foil with H2 wing SPECIAL SALE! You can also kite foil this wing. The most inexpensive way to get you wing foiling - re-use any surf board! Get a wing SA built - add a hydrofoil.

What is a slingshot crisis kiteboard?

Designed for steady, easy-paced kiteboarding, the Slingshot Crisis keeps you on the water. Its beginner to intermediate rocker profile and mellow single concave allows you to move naturally and comfortably on the water. The friendly outline is designed to keep you upwind and free from spray in the face.

Why buy a slingshot?

With a low center of gravity, open cockpit, and one rear wheel launching you forward, the Slingshot is built to turn the open road into your greatest adventure yet. Slingshot turns heads the moment it leaves the showroom.

What is the slingshot formula?

The Slingshot Formula is the performance you’ve never seen—or felt— before. By combining premium materials and innovative technologies, the all NEW Formula is the lightest twin tip we’ve ever made.

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