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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the band Louisville Slugger?

Their vision was of a swinging show with a big band sound, styling threads and songs everyone could dance to. The band took its name from the popular baseball bat commonly known as a "Louisville Slugger". (One swings a baseball bat?)

What is sluggers world class sports bar and Grill?

Since 1985 Sluggers World Class Sports Bar and Grill has been giving the Wrigleyville area a place to go for much more than just a drink. With MASSIVE HD big screens and over 30 TV's to see all of your favorite sports teams in glorious HD, you'll never miss a minute of any sports action!

Who are Slugger's rule?

Meet the boys of Slugger's Rule Slugger’s Rule own brand of Celtic and folk music began around the campfire. It started off getting together around a fire with songs, stories, and a healthy amount of booze. Today, they sing a collection of Irish, Scottish, Canadian, American, British (only a few!) folk songs and sea shanties.

What kind of food do they have at sluggers?

We have a full menu that includes BURGERS, PIZZA, SALADS, and a huge selection of APPETIZERS. We even have an outdoor patio for those beautiful Chicago summer days. Come and visit us here at Sluggers and we promise you will not be bored! YOU CAN ALSO FIND US ON FACEBOOK AND FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! BEST SPORTS BAR IN THE U.S.A!

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