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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a custom Kydex holster?

Quick Ship Custom Kydex Holster : The Cleveland Kydex Co. : - custom kydex sheaths, custom kydex holsters, custom kydex magazine carriers, custom kydex accessories! Quick Ship holsters are made using the popular pre-configured sidearm models listed under each holster type.

What firearms are available in the speed Beez Kydex revolver holsters?

The Speed Beez Kydex revolver holsters are available for the following firearms: Ruger GP-100 3” Ruger GP-100 4.2” Ruger SP101 4.2”

Is keykydex waterproof?

Kydex is waterproof. Water and warmth are not a leather holster’s best friend. A wet holster can take a long time to dry, and if you leave your revolver inside a wet holster, the surface of it can start to pit.

Are there different versions of Kydex?

Now many different items are made from Kydex, and there even different “versions” of the Kydex material. Most reputable Kydex revolver holster makers choose Kydex 100 because of its quality and strength.

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