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Frequently Asked Questions

What is soil profile?

The soil is arranged in layers or horizons during its formation. These layers or horizons are known as the soil profile. It is the vertical section of the soil that is exposed by a soil pit. The layers of soil can easily be identified by the soil colour and size of soil particles. The different layers of soil are: Topsoil; Subsoil; Parent rock

Are there any photos of soil profiles available royalty-free?

972 soil profile stock photos are available royalty-free. Cross section of grass and soil profile. Cross section of soil. Layer of garden soil isolated against a white background Soil profile. Under grassland on the Greek island Crete Soil profile in tidal marsh.

What are the three layers of soil in soil profile?

Each layer of soil is called a horizon. The three lavers of soil in the soil profile are: 1) A-horizon (or Top-soil) 2)B-horizon (or Sub-soil)

What does E mean on soil profile cards?

The master horizon, E, is used for subsurface horizons that have a significant loss of minerals (eluviation). Hard bedrock, which is not soil, uses the letter R. Print the soil profile cards onto cardstock paper or draw your own design on a 3" x 5" note card.

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