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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some songs that honor soldiers and veterans?

Here are some great songs you can listen to or share to pay tribute to the soldier in your life. Rock and roll music can be surprisingly uplifting and empowering. Here are some positive rock and roll songs that honor soldiers and veterans. 1. "Dear Old America" by Heart

What songs did Keith Urban write about the military?

Keith can often be a polarizing figure thanks to his politics and unwillingness to pull punches. But this song, which he wrote explicitly about soldiers he met on several USO tours, is undeniably a tribute to soldiers and veterans alike. 8. "Letters from Home” by John Michael Montgomery

What are some of the best patriotic songs?

“Rise” was originally performed by Katy Perry as a theme for the 2016 Olympics, which gave it a patriotic connotation. The soaring melody and crisp harmonies of this cover will uplift the soldier or veteran in your life. 15. "Coming Home (U.S. Version)” by The Soldiers

How do you pay tribute to veterans and soldiers?

One way to pay tribute to soldiers and veterans is to share unique covers of the national anthem with them. This instrumental is chaotic, virtuosic, and sonically unique. Its discordance and jazz influences were something of a political statement without words when it originally came out.

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