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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spectrum offer Internet Security?

Spectrum Computer Solutions offer clients three layers of Cyber Security Protection: Internet Protection. Whilst the internet can be a useful source of information, it can also increase business costs, where staff take the opportunity to go online for personal rather than business purposes.

Does Spectrum offer streaming TV?

Yes, the cable TV, internet, telephone and wireless company Spectrum (a subsidiary of Charter Communications) is also offering a live TV streaming service. While that may sound like it conflicts with its other business, that's practically the point.

Does Spectrum offer seasonal plans?

Spectrum charges customers in its seasonal plan $4.99 for each service - Internet, TV or phone - or $14.97 if a customer has all three. The catch is that the fee is charged each month they are...

Is Spectrum internet DSL or cable?

Internet Type. Spectrum is a cable provider. Cable falls somewhere in between DSL and fiber in terms of speed and reliability. Again, though, which of these providers is faster depends more on where you’re located than anything else, since infrastructure varies so much from place to place.

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