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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between index scan and index seek in SQL Server?

This allows SQL Server to search a table based on the index key values swiftly and efficiently. An index scan reads all the rows in an index – B-tree in the index order whereas index seek traverses a B-tree and walks through leaf nodes seeking only the matching or qualifying rows based on the filter criteria.

How do I get all the data from an index seek?

An Index Seek can only provide all the data if the set of columns needed for the query is a subset of the set of columns included on the leaf pages of the nonclustered index being scanned, so it may be needed to then also include a Nested Loops operator into either a Key Lookup or an RID Lookup operator to get all data.

What is the index seek operator?

The Index Seek operator imposes an order, as specified in the Scan Directionproperty. If the Seek Predicatesproperty specifies more than one Seek Keysspecification, the optimizer always ensures that these are in the correct corresponding order. Parallelism aware

How does SQL Server optimize a clustered index?

The SQL Server scans the clustered index page by page and row by row to fetch all rows matching the filter criteria. Let’s now create a non-clustered index and analyze the execution plan. The SQL Server optimizer utilizes the available index and fetches only the rows qualifying the filter criteria.

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