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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best Squarespace templates?

Following are the selected 15+ best templates for Squarespace platform that include ecommerce websites, Business websites and Portfolio website templates. Bailard is a template of Squarespace designed particularly for non-profits and community. It includes the take action, read me, news, about and home sections.

What are the benefits of using Squarespace templates?

Squarespace has long been the gold standard when it comes to sleek, polished template designs for your professional website. As our full review of the website builder notes: “hardly any other company understands how to stage its product with such perfection. Everything looks cool, fresh and impeccable”.

What is the best Squarespace template for a portfolio?

Nolan is a template of Squarespace particularly created for portfolios. It includes the customisable sections of contact, company, our services, our work, and home. It comes with a minimalistic, bold image and clean design with texting elements. The default version adds up black and white theme which is easily changeable in any other colour.

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