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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stained glass store?

Stained Glass Supplies Stained Glass Warehouse & Store for tools, materials, frames, foil, pliers, cutters, parts, grinder heads, shears and other stained glass supplies including glass bevels, glass clusters, glass crystals, and glass jewels,

Where do we build the stained glass windows?

We build the Stained Glass Windows right here in our own studio 2 We manufacture Solid Timber Doors in our very own mill shop. No cheap Veneers. 3 We Stain and Finish the timber doors here on the premises and invite you to approve before install. 4

What is stained glass and why is it so popular?

“Stained Glass will provide a brilliant and ever-changing element enhancing the interior decor of every room it occupies. As the sun moves . . . so will your patterned light.”

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