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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there so much disagreement about the steady-state theory?

In a sense, the disagreement is a credit to the model; alone among all cosmologies, the steady state model makes such definite predictions that it can be disproved even with the limited observational evidence at our disposal. There continue to be some scientists who explore the steady-state theory in the form of quasi-steady state theory.

What is the steady state theory of the universe?

"The steady-state theory is a view that the universe is always expanding but maintaining a constant average density, matter being continuously created to form new stars and galaxies at the same rate that old ones become unobservable as a consequence of their increasing distance and velocity of recession."

What is an example of disproving the steady state theory?

Disproving the Steady-State Theory. The evidence against the steady-state theory grew as new astronomical evidence was detected. For example, certain features of distant galaxies (such as quasars and radio galaxies) weren't seen in nearer galaxies.

What is the evidence for the steady state theory?

The fact that quasars are only found in the early Universe provides strong evidence that the Universe has changed over time. However the real the nail in the coffin of the Steady State theory was the discovery in 1965 of the cosmic microwave background radiation. What is the definition of steady state?

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