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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a steady-state error?

Steady-state error is defined as the difference between the input (command) and the output of a system in the limit as time goes to infinity (i.e. when the response has reached steady state). The steady-state error will depend on the type of input (step, ramp, etc.) as well as the system type (0, I, or II).

How to find state error from step response graph in MATLAB?

matlab command to find steadt state error from step response graph in matlab >> sserror= (SP- ( (end,end))) where SP value is one when input is step input. y1 shows workspace value of step response. normally it comes during simulation from simulink. Arkadiy Turevskiy on 26 Nov 2014

How to calculate steady-state error in unity feedback?

Steady-state error can be calculated from the open- or closed-loop transfer function for unity feedback systems. For example, let's say that we have the system given below.

What is the steady-state error when zoomed in between time equals?

We choose to zoom in between time equals 39.9 and 40.1 seconds because that will ensure that the system has reached steady state. Examination of the above shows that the steady-state error is indeed 0.1 as desired. Now let's modify the problem a little bit and say that our system has the form shown below.

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