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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the volume of distribution at steady state?

Physiologically, the volume of distribution at steady state is determined by 30. where Vp, Vt, and Ve are the volume of plasma (about 4 L in humans), tissue, and erythrocyte, respectively; Kt:p is the tissue-to-plasma partition coefficient; and e: p is the erythrocyte-to-plasma ratio.

What is the steady-state?

Within the PK, the steady-state is a concept of fundamental importance in pharmacology. It describes a dynamic equilibrium in which drug concentrations consistently stay within therapeutic limits for long, potentially indefinite, periods.

What is the difference between VD and VSS?

There are many terms used to represent volume of distribution, but two common ones are Vd and Vss. Vd is the apparent volume of distribution. It can be calculated using the following equation: Vss is the apparent volume of distribution at steady state. Or, the sum of all volume terms in a multicompartment model.

What is the VD of a drug?

The Vd is defined as the theoretical volume necessary to contain the total quantity of drug present in the organism at the same concentration as that present in the plasma.

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