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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between strpos and!== false?

Note that the use of !== false is deliberate (neither != false nor === true will return the desired result); strpos () returns either the offset at which the needle string begins in the haystack string, or the boolean false if the needle isn't found.

How do you know if a substring is absent in strpos?

WARNING As strpos may return either FALSE (substring absent) or 0 (substring at start of string), strict versus loose equivalency operators must be used very carefully. To know that a substring is absent, you must use: === FALSE To know that a substring is present (in any position including 0), you can use either of: !== FALSE (recommended)

Is it better to use strpos or regular expressions?

You could use regular expressions as it's better for word matching compared to strpos, as mentioned by other users. A strpos check for are will also return true for strings such as: fare, care, stare, etc. These unintended matches can simply be avoided in regular expression by using word boundaries.

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