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Frequently Asked Questions

What is strpos function in BigQuery?

STRPOS is the equivalent for CHARINDEX function in Bigquery. While migrating the code from Microsoft SQL Server you will need to rewrite this function in Bigquery Roboquery converts this function and lot of other unsupported datatypes, functions, statements & operators in just a click. Its fast, free and secure.

How to get a substring in BigQuery?

In BigQuery, we use the function SUBSTR to get the substring. There are two ways to extract a substring as we see above. When counting characters in substrings. the starting point is always 1. In the first formula, we can specify a starting point, and the substring function will get the text from that starting point all the way to end.

How to learn common BigQuery string functions?

We used a visual and example-based approach to learn common BigQuery String functions. To become better in SQL, we do not need to memorize each function. What is more important is to know what we need and find the right solution for it. For the full documentation of String Functions, you can visit the official Google BigQuery page.

How to re-arrange characters in a string in BigQuery?

To re-arrange the characters in a STRING, the most common function is: How to get information about each STRING. These functions may return INT64 or BOOL. To find the length of a STRING, there are a surprising number of options in BigQuery:

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