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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between strpos and strstr in PHP?

PHP has a function strpos with this definition: This function locates a substring needle inside a string haystack and returns the offset from the beginning of the string haystack. C has function strstr that can be used for this purpose and returns a pointer to the substring or NULL if no match is found:

What is a strpos function?

The STRPOS function is case-sensitive. The position of SubString in String. The STRPOS function returns the position of the first occurrence of the substring. If SubString cannot be found, then the function returns zero. If String or SubString is empty, then the function returns zero. This example shows how to use the STRPOS function.

What happens if strpos() doesn't find the $needle in the Haystack?

If $offset is positive, the strpos () function starts the search at $offset number of characters to the end of the string. If the $offset is negative, the strpos () function starts at the $offset number of characters to the beginning of the string. If the strpos () doesn’t find the $needle in the $haystack, it returns false.

Is strpos reserved in C?

Since the C standard doesn't define strpos (), and POSIX doesn't either, you should. The name strpos is reserved in C, so ideally you would want to call your function something else, posstr for example. @Alok Can you give a source for strpos being reserved in C? strpos () was a library function in Traditional C, before standardization.

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