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Frequently Asked Questions

What are structured notes and how are they taxed?

Since structured notes are deemed payment of debt instruments, investors will be responsible for paying annual taxes on them, even though the note hasn’t reached maturity and they are not receiving any cash. On top of that, when sold, they will be treated as ordinary income, not a capital gain (or loss).

Should you invest in structured notes?

While structured notes may enable individual retail investors to participate in investment strategies that are not typically offered to them, these products can be very complex and have significant investment risks. Before investing in structured notes, you should understand how the notes work and carefully consider their risks.

Who can buy a structured note?

As a result, the only potential buyer for your structured note may be the issuing financial institution’s broker-dealer affiliate or the broker-dealer distributor of the structured note. In addition, issuers often specifically disclaim their intention to repurchase or make markets in the notes they issue.

Will Canada's 2016 budget change structured notes' tax treatment?

In a Bloomberg Brief article, journalist Carolina Wilson reports on a provision in the 2016 Canadian federal budget that will change the favourable tax treatment that structured notes currently enjoy.

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