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Frequently Asked Questions

What are predicates and objects in English grammar?

To no surprise, you’ll see predicates and objects have something to do with the other key element of a sentence — verbs. The subject of a sentence is a person, place, thing, or idea. It’s always doing or being something.

What elements within the predicate add more detail or meaning?

The elements within the predicate adding more detail or meaning, are verbs, direct objects, indirect objects, and subject complements. We'll now look at each of these in more detail. The subject of a sentence is the person, place, or thing that the sentence is about.

What is the subject and verb of the command take?

Well, the action verb “take” is right there at the start of this command, meaning the subject “you” is understood. Now that we’ve touched upon the basic elements of subjects and verbs, let’s discuss predicates. Predicates point toward the subject of the sentence, too.

What is the difference between an auxiliary verb and a predicate?

The auxiliary verb is the first verb that appears in the question. In the Original Poster's example, the Subject, as correctly identified, is the pig: Is the pig looking at me with sad droopy eyes? Here we see the pig inverted with the auxiliary verb BE. The Predicate is that part of a simple sentence that isn't included in the Subject.

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