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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sushi plates?

Sushi plates are plates designed for serving sushi in an aesthetically pleasing way. Of course, it’s possible to serve sushi on any plate, and for more casual sushi like temaki sushi, something decorative might not be necessary. But for many, sushi is reserved for a special occasion, so requires special tableware to fit that occasion.

What is in a sushi unlimited Sushi set?

Sushi Unlimited Sushi Set for Two: Sushi Plates, Soy Sauce Bowls, Chopsticks, Includes Chopstick Holders! YULAO DA Sushi Making Kit and Sushi dinnerware set, 2 Bamboo Rolling Sushi Mats, 2 Sushi Plates, 2 Sauce Dishes, 2 Pairs of Chopsticks, 2 Chopsticks Rests, 1Tableware Bags, 1 Paddle and 1 Spreade...

What is the best way to display traditional Japanese cuisine?

Whether you’re making makizushi at home or getting take-out, it’s nice to display traditional Japanese cuisine in a pleasing way. Sushi plates are a great solution that can hold your choice of nigiri, sashimi, or hand rolls.

How do I win prizes by eating sushi?

Win prizes by eating sushi! Our mascot Muten-Maru appears on your screen and needs your help on his adventure. Deposit enough plates and he’ll reward you with a prize. Our dishes adhere to the Japanese virtue of serving natural and healthy meals.

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